Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who we are:

Voice of America Reporter Azmir Hasan Kanak founded this initiative. We have some other professionals with it. Our mentors and advisors are the most respected persons of the society.

Information we collect

Information about the app used to access the service.This information includes:

YouTube Kids collects information based on your child's use of the app, like when they watch a video. This information includes: Anybody can watch it without any personal information of him.

Important message for real content creators.

Our website is a video sharing site. Any person can upload video here. But It is not possible for us to know who made the video or who uploaded the video. If a user has uploaded someone else's video here, please send us an email with proof. We will delete the video as soon as we get the proof.

Our email address:

Note: We have not yet included monetization services.